Lac la Biche Circus and Fire Show

  • November 6, 2018
  • Indigo Circus
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Indigo Circus provided a fun-filled Lac la Biche circus and fire show on November 3rd, 2018. The year before, organizer Mel Kuprowsky booked Safire to come in and provide her one hour comedy circus show. After rave reviews from the show, the event wanted to go even bigger and better for this year’s event. So they reconnected to  rebook again. After launching the event information this year and announcing that Indigo Circus would be the entertainment, tickets were being picked up fast and the event sold out in no time! The evening’s event was packed with guests excited for the Chili Cook Off followed by a full on circus show.

Indigo Circus provided a range of acts in the show including contact juggling, unicycling, plate spinning, ladder balancing, hula hooping, sword swallowing, LED spinning, fire dancing, and even a completely ridiculous balloon act where an entire grown man crawls into a balloon! The show was built to be impressive for all ages, great for the kids while still having jokes tailored to the adults, and skillful talents that would impress any age. Our performers had a great time creating a Lac la Biche circus show and we look forward to bringing something new to next year’s event as well.

For more information on booking our Indigo Circus shows check out our listing of stage shows, or even our individual acts like Fire Dancers, LED Dancers, Jugglers, Sword Swallowers, and Contortionists.

lac la biche circus lac la biche circus lac la biche circus lac la biche circus