Fire Performers at Mercury Opera

This week we provided fire performers and a stilt walker for the Mercury Opera Alley ‘Oop event. This event was unlike any other I’ve performed for and it was very unique. There were daytime events for the guests all up and down on Stephen Ave in Calgary and then as dusk drew near the always awesome stilt walker Nikolai Smith drew the crowd down the street and into a narrow alley way. Guests saw spectacles along the way as they moved through the alley, a stunning woman in red with a lantern stood mysteriously on a balcony. At the end of the alley was a silent fire show and then the crowd was then drawn into a cove of buildings where several opera singers sung and an orchestra was revealed when the back door of a haul truck was thrust open.

The sound of the singers radiated through the alley way and the lighting made me wish I’d brought a camera!
Photo by JT Young.


fire performers


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